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Welcome to Dynamic Insight Corp, your local source for facilitative disability management including NeurOptimal® neurofeedback: the brain training technology specialized in addressing many mental and physical symptoms such as concerns with ADHD, Brain Injury, Stress, Anxiety, happiness and overall well being.

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If you are new to neurofeedback, you probably have questions. You can contact us directly by emailing or giving us a call at (403) 697-0868. As NeurOptimal® users and trainers ourselves, we will be happy to share our personal and professional experience with you.

Calgary neurofeedback sessions


Concerned about your health? Disabled? Confused by the health system processes and what you are hearing? Not sure what to do? Do forms, policies and procedures have you lost and confused? We believe that everyone deserves optimal health, support and health services and we would like to provide our expertise as we have offered to corporate clients to you, the individual and the family.

Dynamic Insight is here to help
 At Dynamic Insight, Carol Laisnez and her expert team offer years of experience and provide the support, strategy and all the tools necessary to help guide you to optimal management of occupational and nonoccupational illnesses and injuries. We believe that everyone deserves optimal health and health services and we would like to provide our expertise that we have offered to corporate clients to you, the individual and the family.
 Our team will act as your own personal adviser and advocate, working for you, allowing you to take comfort and have confidence in your care and health decisions.  We want you to be able to make the best decisions for your health and family; achieve the optimal outcome and access benefits available to you.
 Dynamic Insights wants to facilitate and provide care that will get you back on track and to optimal health.  We know and understand the health services and health care benefit programs available, both public and private, and can assist you in accessing those that are the best fit for you.
What you can expect from us
Health education and knowledge

  • Understanding key forms and important time frames to maximize your benefits

  • How to use and get the most out of your health care benefits, not only to maximize your benefit coverage but to improve your health

  • Prescriptive care – nursing, counseling


Areas of expertise

  • Ensuring that you receive the right health services at the right time – referrals and expediting appointments

  • Navigating the health system

  • Providing, coordinating and managing health care

  • Health education and support in order that you may feel confident and comfort in your health care and decisions

  • Maximizing and understanding your health care benefits

  • Coaching so that you get the information and answers that you want and need at appointments

  • Short and Long Term Disability Services, including liaison and communicating with insurance carriers

  • Managing of Addictions and the recovery process 

Navigating the Health System

"Carol Laisnez and her team at Dynamic Insight have worked with employees and the HR team at Paramount Resources Ltd. for almost 10 years and it is hard to quantify the positive impact that they have had. Carol is an expert in her field and is able to adapt to many different situations while working with a lot of different personalities. Carol has the unique ability to find the best solution for both the employee and the employer and brings stability to situations that have the potential to be otherwise. Her professional and good natured approach is ideal for the role that she takes within an organization which leads to lasting effects on all that work with her. Carol is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever worked with but can also be tough when she needs to be. I would highly recommend Carol and her team at Dynamic Insight for all of your Disability Management; Health and Safety; Absentee Management and Wellness needs."


Greg Byrgesen, CHRP SPHRi

Director, People Operations, Paramount Resources Ltd.

Contact us

Dynamic Insight Corp.

Office address: #205 259 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1M2

Mailing address: PO Box 89110 McKenzie Towne, Calgary, AB T2Z 3W3

Phone: (403) 697-0868
Toll free: 1-888-280-8127
Fax: (403) 697-0860
Cell: (403) 690-6981

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