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Psychological Claims Management

It has been our experience that the management of psychological claims has become a challenge for many employers. Over recent years the frequency and duration of psychological and pain syndrome claims has increased significantly. Many employers have reported that psychological claims comprise up to 60+% of total short-term disability claim costs.

When these situations arise it is important to manage them in a timely manner, fairly and consistently. Dynamic Insight Corp. is able to offer adjudication, case management, expert opinion and consultancy services with respect to diagnosis, assessment of disability, restrictions and ability to work, reasonable treatment, prognosis and return to work. Intervention is key to successful management of these cases. Managing expectations and minimizing fear that is often associated with the return to work process is vital for success.

Our experience with the implementation of our managed care system for dealing psychological claims is a 50-75% reduction in claims cost and duration. The system is cooperative, fair and transparent resulting in very few differences of opinion. The focus is on “Facilitating Healthy Outcomes” (Dynamic Insight Corp.).

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