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Disability Management Services/Coordination of Health Care Services

Occupational and nonoccupational injury and illness can result in significant direct and indirect costs to a business. Dynamic Insight Corp. provides proactive disability management services to employers to ensure that employees return to work in a safe and healthy manner at the appropriate time. Well networked, this may include timely referrals, assessments and treatments for injured or ill employees. 

Specializing in complex claim management, we are able to provide these services directly, review and give recommendations or train your staff on how to effectively do this. Review for possible cost relief and recoveries can be completed. 

We have developed and can provide you with a disability management program that can be modified to be workplace specific, meeting your needs. This may include developing a return to work program, a modified work program, policies and procedures, forms as well and training and implementing your team on the system.  Some of our services include:

  • Short and Long Term Disability Services, including liason and case management of sick time, short and long term disability cases whether self insured or managed by an insurance carrier

  • Managing of Addictions and the recovery process

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Absentee Management

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