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Short Term Disability Claim Management


Many employers have or are considering moving toward a self insured Short Term Disability Program.  Dynamic Insight Corp. provides the policy, procedures and supporting documents that will improve the quality and cost effectiveness of your existing program or enable you to move your Business into a self insured structure.  

Once in place, Dynamic Insight Corp. will offer to train your team on the implementation and management of the program as well as effective disability management strategies.  If preferred, we will provide full and inclusive disability management services directly for your business.

How Dynamic Insight Can Help You with Our Short Term Disability Products and Services

Dynamic Insight's Short Term Disability Products and Services are designed for self-insuring employers who want to ensure that the disability benefits paid, serve the intention for which they were put into place - to provide employees with a benefit that will replace a substantial portion of earnings lost due to extended periods of medical disability.

Companies who are cost sensitive and looking for the comfort and confidence that the integrity of their Short Term Disability Program is maintained while their employee's receive optimal care and health services will find that the Policy, Procedures, supporting documents and administrative and professional services available through Dynamic Insight Corp. are the perfect fit.  Timely and appropriate health care and claims management results in a cost effective Short Term Disability Program while facilitating healthy outcomes for those who need it.  This is the intention and balance of the Program being offered by Dynamic Insight.

These products and services provide consistency, integrity, and balance to organizations, making available exceptional care and services to employees while mitigating the high costs associated with disability in the workplace.  Our disability management services are action oriented, coordinating health care services so that clients have comfort in the care and information they are receiving.

Unlike the major insurance companies offering short term disability claim administration and advice to pay, Dynamic Insight's program delivers timely adjudication of claims (within 2-3 days of claim submission), regular follow up with those who are ill or injured, and coordination of healthcare services.  A product line that meets the needs of the client and administrative services that are timely with consistent application of the policy are the key to the success of a Short Term Disability Program.  This is what Dynamic Insight Corp. delivers.

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