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What our Clients are Saying about NeurOptimal®_______

“I am a business professional. As my work demands grew, so did stress. I felt my memory was failing me. Falling asleep and staying asleep was a big problem. Then I found NeurOptimal neurofeedback! I am so grateful. My sleep improved within a few sessions. My memory has improved; I call it a new clarity at work and beyond. I am more productive and settled. No longer as worried about every matter that arises – I do not over-stress nor over-react. It is so nice to feel settled.”

- A. W.

"As a result of a very traumatic event my ability to manage what was once simple seemed unsurmountable. The peace and hope that was my normal way of being was shaken from my life. Before I started the Neuroptimal neurofeedback sessions I was experiencing frequent and disabling panic attacks; feeling lonely and powerless. After one session, the panic attacks stopped. It was such a stressful and fear-filled time in my life. Neurofeedback gave me renewed resilience. I feel safe and secure. My energy has returned. I have my life back again. I am content and truly grateful."​


“I first met Carol from Dynamic Insight in November after being in a car accident and suffering a severe concussion.  She suggested that I try Neurofeedback to assist with my recovery.  Within a couple of sessions I noticed improved cognition, decreased anxiety and improved sleep.  I believe that this therapy has greatly accelerated my recovery and would highly suggest it to anyone who has suffered a brain injury.  Furthermore Carol and her staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience.”


"As a university student working part time, study time needs to be dedicated and thorough. I was struggling to become engaged in my studies which was being reflected in my grades. I began neurofeedback in August in preparation for the school year. After a series of sessions, my focus and concentration was so much better, and my Grade Point Average went up 25%.  I’m Thrilled."

 – J.C

"My son is in 4th grade. He has mild autism. He is exceptionally bright; testing at the 9th grade level in most subjects. His challenges are social, including anger and impulse control; making friends and feeling a fit with his peer group; and difficulties in school (reprimands for behavior). He has had 15 neurofeedback sessions. I am pleased to report that he has a friend group, his interactions with others are comfortable and come with ease. We have had no issues with anger and striking out at others in many weeks. He is happier, thriving and our relationships at home are much easier. A more contented place."


"I am an executive and owner of a development company. I was taking increasingly strong sleep medication for many years which became less and less effective. This was seriously impairing my ability to work effectively. Following my first session, I immediately stopped my medication and now sleep well without any at all. I am able to think, communicate and work with clarity, efficiency and confidence."

 – G.B

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