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The Duty to Accommodate

The issue of the duty to accommodate has become significant and in many cases a challenge for an employer to manage. Many times it is a matter of confirming the presence of a medical disability, physical restrictions and deciding the best way to accommodate these in the workplace for both the business and the employee. On other occasions there may be a medicalization of occupational issues.

The medicalization of occupational issues occurs when an employee responds to a difficult or undesired situation at work or home by attending his/her physician who in turn writes a note that enables the employee to avoid the work environment or situation. This may be manifested as an absence from work, for example submission of a Worker’s Compensation or Short-Term Disability claim, requests for job modification, a schedule change, or a lessened workload. At times this is considerable challenge for the workplace with respect to operational costs, supervision, scheduling and morale.

Dynamic Insight Corp. has developed a strategy for managing these cases in a fair and cost effective way. An accurate assessment of the medical situation and workplace issues being key elements of the process. Should there be cases like this in your workplace, Dynamic Insight Corp. is prepared to provide recommendations, manage the case through providing the service directly, or train your qualified staff to do so.

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